We respect privacy and confidentiality of your personal information. However, some of the information and documents are crucial for us to process your application. Without it, your application is considered incomplete and may cause delays in processing. Hence, we appreciate for your cooperation on this matter. But no worries, our team shall treat all information as private and confidential.
Please ensure you are using a working laptop/desktop, with good internet connection. You may do test run on your video camera, audio settings before the interview session to check.

There are various sources of information you can look for, such as:

1) Company Website: www.farcapital.com.my

2) Youtube Channel : [click here]

3) Linkedin : [click here]

4) Facebook Page : [click here]

You may submit a new application for another position. Our hiring is based on what type of position that you are applying for. If we found out during our evaluation that you are suitable for other position, we will let you know.
You may refer to our job vacancies advertisement via job portal, social media and any other platforms. We will explain in details about the job and expectations during the interview.
Failure to submit all required documents will affect your application. We have the right to withdraw your application. Please do inform us if you are facing any issues on this matter.

We will be conducting our interview via virtual meetings such as Zoom for all hiring, at the moment. Face-to-face interview will only be conducted if necessary.

If you have issues with the arrangement, please do notify us via call or email at least one (1) day before the actual day. Cases like No-Show will not be tolerated and shall be blacklisted.

Due to certain limitations, its not part of our standard practice to provide follow up for every applications. However, if you insist, you may do follow up your enquiry via email to us at [email protected] or 03-2779 1471.

Your application is still under review due to several factors. However, our guarantee is to ensure every candidates are to be concluded not later than 30 days. Once a decision is made, we shall inform you immediately.
Our standard processing turn around time is within 7- 14 working days, subject to volume of applications received.