General Test (Apprentice)



1. What is the main tool used by the banks to check their client’s credit history?
2. Which among the following DSR (%) rate is considered the healthiest?
3. What is the maximum financing that banks can give to their customers for their first two housing (residential property) loans?
4. Which among the following commitment will NOT appear in your CCRIS report?
5. What is the maximum tenure that the client/customer can get when they applied for housing loan with the bank?


1. What is the normal chargeable interest rates of credit cards?
2. What is the normal chargeable interest rate for PTPTN under UJRAH Scheme?
3. What is the normal chargeable interest rate for Housing loans?
4. What is the Total Return you can get from ASB for Financial Year 2020 (Dividend+Bonus)?
5. As per JPPH, what is the annualized return you can get from properties owned in Klang Valley for the past 20 Years?
6. If you have RM20K in ASB, what should you do FIRST if you were in bad financial condition?
7. Assuming you have an ASB loan of RM100K, how will the banks treat this as?
8. Generally, which loan facility will be the hardest to get if you earned a monthly salary of RM3,000?
9. If your Property Value is RM500K but your remaining housing loan balance is RM550,000. Should you refinance it?
10. If Robert has RM50,000 worth of credit card debts, what are the strategies that he can use to reduce his monthly commitment?


1. What is the percentage of interest portion for a 3.5% interest and 35 years housing loan instalment?
2. What is the Malaysia Overnight Policy Rate (OPR) today?
3. Which of the following criteria is the least important to evaluate before purchasing an investment property?
4. Which train line has the highest ridership as of today?
5. What is the current rounded median price for Kuala Lumpur and Selangor in 2019 respectively?
6. Which of the following case will pay the highest progressive payment in total during construction period?


1. What is the percentage (%) that the bank will use to calculate credit card monthly commitment when calculating Debt Service Ratio (DSR)?
2. What is the formula for Debt Service Ratio (DSR)?
3. What is the percentage (%) that the bank take into account for housing rental income* when calculating Debt Service Ratio (DSR)? *Assuming all stamped and tally credited
4. Assuming there is Special Attention account highlighted for PTPTN in CCRIS report, what should you do FIRST if you want to submit your application for housing loan?
5. Assuming that in your CCRIS report, there are two (2) properties being recorded, what is the loan margin for your next residential property?
6. If Joey has RM50,000 worth of balance in his EPF (Account 2) and he is looking to buy a house with value of RM200,000 which requires him to pay in cash, what is the amount that he can withdraw from his EPF (Account 2) to buy the house?
7. Maryam plans to buy her 3rd residential house, but she has used up her LPPSA (government loan) for her first residential property, and second residential house with a loan with CIMB, what is her current loan margin for the 3rd residential property?


1. Based on the book Rich Dad Poor Dad, what is the definition of an Asset?
2. Based on the book Rich Dad Poor Dad, what is the definition of a Liability?
3. What are the advantages of property investment compared to other investment vehicles?
4. Which type of property investment in the current market requires the least amount of capital (upfront cash)?