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Who We Are

Now we are bigger and stronger.

Our numbers have tremendously grown from 30 to over 100 employees since 2020. This milestone was achievable because we had successfully expanded to a greater length.

As we progress, we are helping more Malaysians, especially our clients, purchase the best property in the market and resolve their financial hurdles through genuine, affordable and provable methods.

Who We Are

How the company started

FAR Capital kicked off as a startup company that began in 2014. Several young investors had to manage 300 clients while working remotely.

As we grew, we gained more attention from Malaysian citizens. We were, after all, one of the first platforms that help transform many lives through property investment. Our client size has grown significantly, over 20,000 in 2022.

Our business model had been restructured to ensure our evolving clientele receives top-notch services. With that, we need more support in the workforce especially when we are spreading its wing locally and internationally. Currently, our headcount has been boosted to 120 employees.

Who We Are

How we convey our message to the nation

Property investment has been an intimidating subject for many people, especially those who are struggling financially. FAR Capital believes in simplifying property purchasing, and with in-depth experiences and knowledge, our experts trained 3000 Malaysians in 2014 who are interested in owning properties for their own-stay or investment purposes.

We started by conducting many onsite seminars, giving talks at events and participating in interviews at various media outlets and podcasts. 

The property market gradually ‘picked up’ even though there was an economic slump in 2020. Many began to be more interested in buying a house. During this time, we provided free seminars on online platforms with the intention of educating the public. FAR Capital received a massive spike in inquiries, which led to a considerable number of clients we have today. 

These days, we are raising awareness through social media platforms, digital writing (Gila Hartanah), and webinars via Zoom and live events.

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Our Vision

Building a rocketship to Mars

FAR Group, or FAR Capital, had faced fierce obstacles. Like many companies involved in properties, we were impacted severely when the pandemic struck in 2020. Instead of giving up, we hustled through – providing the public with comprehensive education, hoping that this would benefit them during the critical time. Our efforts were fruitful, and we not only survived but flourished and became a stronger and better corporation. 

We welcome the new era of AI and technology, so we have developed an automated process and digital system to enable our clients to buy the best property better with more added value.

What may seem complex and costly is now attainable to those who joined our company. In ensuring this is sustainable, we rely heavily on a trustworthy and professional team. 

We believe that everyone should have equal access to technology that makes economic and property learning – convenient. 

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Get to Know Our CEO

Introducing Faizul Ridzuan

Born and raised in a family from a low-income group, Faizul Ridzuan was a young professional who used to face challenges like as many other youths of his age.

He changed his career from high paying jobs in the Banking sector to embark on a new journey as a young investor and entrepreneur, wanting to help other Malaysians discover the view of real estate from different angles that could actually make a huge change in their lives.

Now, he is leading multiple companies with over 100+ employees and looking to expand his mission not only within Malaysia but across regions.


Ecosystem Above All

Everyone is important. Everyone matters.

Speak Up

Every voice is valuable.

Long Term Solutions

All decisions are not only for the present but also meant for the future.

Continuous Learning

Like trees, they grow or wither.


Act like one, think like one.

Memorable Customer Experience

Good memories are long-lasting. Make sure we are part of it.

The Perks

What Can We Offer

Before You Move On

Let's understand more about our vision and mission, and reasons for you to join us.

Born and raised in a family from a low-income group, Faizul Ridzuan was a young professional who had to overcome career and monetary obstacles like many other youths of his age.

In 2013, Faizul, who had a stable, high-paying job in the banking sector, embarked on a new journey. He initiated a company and became an entrepreneur that aided other Malaysians in discovering strategies that could help them approach the real estate market. These had changed many lives – over 20,000 to be exact.

Now, he is leading multiple companies with over 100+ employees and looking to expand his mission not only within Malaysia but also across regions.

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