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In FAR Capital, we focus on empowering our employee and creating add value to their career.

We are a dynamic community united by a shared passion for transforming Malaysians' lives and realizing their dreams through the power of property. Within our community, we bring together visionary dreamers, relentless achievers, and ambitious go-getters who constantly strive to inspire the next generation.
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FAR Capital fosters a culture of growth and empowerment, encouraging individuals to push their limits and discover their potential.

We understand that growth and development are essential for both individual success and the overall advancement of our organization.


We prioritize the concept of balance, enabling individuals to work with exceptional efficiency while fulfilling their commitments at home.

We believe that a harmonious work-life balance is essential for overall well-being and productivity.

Rewarding Career

Our approach to employee motivation centers around recognizing and rewarding high performance. We believe in providing attractive incentives as a means of acknowledging and retaining top talent.

Our emphasis is on both individual progress and achieving the best results, fostering a culture that values and promotes excellence.
Core Values: What Matter to Us

Core Values: What Matter to Us

Ecosystem Above All

Everyone is important. Everyone matters.

Speak Up

Every voice is valuable.

Long Term Solutions

All decisions are not only for the present but also meant for the future.

Continuous Learning

Like trees, they grow or wither.


Act like one, think like one.

Memorable Customer Experience

Good memories are long-lasting. Make sure we are part of it.
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  • Great working culture
  • Good work environment
  • Competitive benefit & incentive
  • Progressive reward & recognition
  • Access to greater knowledge
  • Path for good career growth
  • Be part of the legacy
Hiring Process
Our hiring process is meticulous, focusing on selecting the best talent by conducting thorough assessments. We prioritize not only the immediate fit for the role but also consider the candidate's potential for future growth within the organization.

Utilizing various forms of assessment, we strive to ensure that we make the right fit for both current and future needs.
Eager to join? Start Exploring!

Eager to join? Start Exploring!

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